Child elements not maintaining position after CSS/JS resizing

I have searched far and wide for a fix for the issue I am having when resizing a group. The child groups/elements remain in place after its parent is resized. Im sure I am missing something in the numerous post ive read involving dynamic resizing but I couldn’t see anything specially involving the child elements.

Here is what I am trying to achieve

I am trying to have a group element take up 50% of the viewport and be centered while keeping its child groups relative position the same.


What I am getting
The group gets resized correctly but the child elements stay in place and do not adjust to the new group size. Using the multiple code snippets/plugins that I have found the issue still seems to remain the same throughout all methods.

image 2

What I am already doing

I have used the the javascript code found in this post where an HTML element is target within the group and called via a javascript workflow,

I have used the plugin CSS Tools but I am still trying to learn how that works exactly. I have gotten it to resize my group via its ID but havent been able to get anywhere else with it.

I have also tried using multiple dynamic resizing plugins and changed elements height and width using a % formula and then repositioning them via the Mouse and Elements + Move plug in, however that became very tedious as the page became more complex.

Any suggestions on where to look for an answer would help me out alot. Thanks!

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