Click Button in SendGrid Email--> Bubble Action // URL change

Hi All,

  1. I’m creating appointment confirmation emails in Sendgrid and I’d like recipients to be able to add the appointment to their Google Calendars right from the email.

Since I can only insert a url redirect for the button click, is there anything I can create in Bubble to the effect of…“when user comes to app from this email”…or maybe I can pass a specific key into the page when the user clicks the button, and set a state or something?

Has anyone done something like this?

  1. This may be a completely ridiculous question but here goes. Once I finish my app, I plan to create a mobile version. In order to cut down on my work, I created a user’s experience entirely in one page so that I could duplicate and resize/rework for the app as needed.

This has created a challenge however for redirects from other areas of the app.
For example, my entire user experience for one type of user is on:

But there are specific sections in this page that I’d love to display in the URL, for example:

Likewise, I’d want to create a set of actions when this url is given, like hide everything else and show “my settings group.”
Is there a way for me to create this setup in Bubble?


Could anyone help with this? Thanks all

hi @jamie - if I’m following your scenario #1, I have a similar scenario i’ve implemented in one of my apps that uses Sendgrid. And I think my implementation might be relevant to your #2 scenario.

In my use case, I’m actually using a Scheduled API for following up with Users after they’ve done specific activities in my app. To create a link that’s used in the the Sendgrid email, I do a Search for a particular Data Type (in your app you might just pick “Current User”) and for that Data Type I have criteria for specific User’s. I then send that User’s Link to Sendgrid. This is an example of one User-type’s link that I send to Sendgrid

In my app, when a User gets a Sendgrid email, they click on the link and it brings them to my app. Note the User doesn’t need to login for this particular activity I’m asking them to do. When my app page opens from the link, the link has info on the User so I present the User with info relevant to their other activities on my app. I hope that’s not totally confusing…

For your second scenario, what I’m wondering is the following. From your description above, it seems you may have Data Types such as “Settings”, “Appointments” and “Pets”. Similar to what I described earlier with doing a Search on a particular Data Type and getting a link for the User, you could get the link associated with Settings, Appointments or Pets (not the User).
When you send them the link and they click to your site, you could have a “Page Loaded” event with a “Only when” criteria that looks at the URL and sets a State (I presume) for a particular Group to be visible.
Does that sort of make sense? Might need to do a little experimenting to get it right, but I think it’ll work for you.

Thanks for your response!

  1. How do you actually send the link to Sendgrid in the api?

If that’s possible, is it also possible to have the following happen?

  • instead of sending a link, send a code (could be either static like “view appointment” or the user’s uniqueid)
  • user opens email and clicks link to go back to my app
  • my app reads the code and I have a workflow that says, when the code is “x”, follow these actions…

That was sort of what I was getting at with setting a state, but I’m not even sure how to send this kind of info back and forth between sendgrid and bubble.

  1. I think we may be talking about two different things but I could be wrong. My problem is that my app has many different groups, all on. (ex. My Appointments, My Settings, etc.). I was wondering if there’s anyway to actually change/ create the URL so that when a person goes to , a specific group would show. But technically right now, nothing would appear because it’s not the way the app is organized.

I realize this isn’t a very eloquent strategy or even description, but thought I’d give it a try.


@jamie - below shows how a click of button initiates the SendGrip API. In it shows VAR1 as “Current User’s link”

When you click on “link” in “Current User’s link”, you get the following:

This is the page that the User will go to when they click on the link in the email (VAR1 being that link that will be passed to Sendgrid and put in the email). In my example the destination page is called testing and will contain that “Current User’s” unique id in the URL on the webpage, ie

When the user goes to the page, you can setup an “Page is loaded” action to extract data from the URL and then execute the steps you need based on the users unique ID that’s contained in the URL.

Hope that makes sense. I didn’t get a chance to look at your second question - will try later.

@jamie - regarding Q2, if when a User clicks on the email and is brought to your app and you want a particular Group to show (ie My Appointments, My Settings, etc), then you need a data field in the User data type called “Group” (or whatever). That data field will be assigned the value needed by your Custom State to show the desired group (My Appointments, My Settings, etc).

In the workflow to send a Sendgrid email, have a “Make change to a thing” for the User where you assign a value to “Group”. The value would be something like “My Appointments” or “My Settings” (whatever value you use in you Custom State to show/hide your groups).

In the “Page is loaded” workflow, query the “Group” value for the User and set the Custom State with the value in “Group”. Then the desired group will be made visible.

If I’m understanding your intent, that should work.

Thanks so much for your help with all of this! I think I’m getting it now, I’m going to try it!