Clickable Slideshow various URLs

Please Help!

Hi guys! I’m really struggling to get this working even with lots of help. I am fairly new to Bubble but i really want to be able to get this working.

So i am trying to make a slideshow with multiple pictures, and each of those pictures taking the user to a different external URL. So far i have tried two ways.

The First was using Slick Slideshow and putting in all my images. This is good as I can slide the images manually but i cannot seem to put in a URL.

The second was after receiving some help. I made new Data types called slides that contained both an image and a URL. I made Slick Slideshow show dynamic images but I still could not get the slides to take the user to another slide.

Sorry if this is a basic question. I am really struggling and once i finish this my app is done. If you could help me out that would be amazing. THANK YOU!

I don’t get what’s hanging you up on this. Here’s what you’re trying to do:

Examine the editor. Check out how the elements work. Go to data tab to see how the data type “Slideshow Slides” works.

Here’s the editor index page:

Here’s the app data tab:

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