Clicking a item out of the menu, it autoplaces

This is on/off but when I click something out of the context menu it will place into my page which is annoying especially when I’m on a tight schedule or placing things in a group.


Hey @WillM

I know its obvious, but might be worth refreshing your editor and then seeing how things go…

Also double check the element selector is inactive e.g.



Simply click the cursor icon in the top right menu to deselect any element.

Might be worth selecting a element, then clicking the icon and seeing how things play out.

May I ask what web browser you are using? This could play into the bug.

You can submit a bug report directly to the Bubble team here btw:

This has been occurring for me as well. Super annoying.

Yeah I’ve just had this as well, but can’t reproduce it though.

Yep, this has been around for a long time. Sometimes I even get multiple elements dropped onto the page.

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Yeah in the same boat with sometimes having half a dozen of the same element being dropped onto the page. Its rare for me, but does happen on the odd occasion so worth bringing up.

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