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Clickthru best practice

Do I need a plugin if the goal is to enable users to make a click through (_blank) while sending an event for stats?

What am I missing?
Searching was confusing to me.

Thank you!!

The objective is to enable the user to generate (in a new window, _blank) a clickthrough off of some dynamic text and, in parallel, send an event to mixpanel

Searching was confusing to me:

  • Natively, it seems that generating a clickthrough in a new window is only possible if I use the Link component, right?
  • On the other hand, you cannot trigger a workflow when a user makes a click-through off a link component. Again, correct me if I’m wrong
  • the workaround I used eventually was the HTML component, firing a javascript event to javascripttobubble, but that makes things a bit more complicated…

Best practice anyone?