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Clone of Puppies App

I need a clone of the Puppies App.

I try to clone the puppies app to my own applications but it always shows an error when I try.

I believe the differences in interfaces is the reason there is a problem.

Please I really want a copy of this app in the newer interface.


It should not take you long to recreate the puppies app, and the amount that you learn by doing so will pay dividends when you then come to amend it.

Probably not the answer you want, but it will save you time in the long run :slightly_smiling:


What is happening when you clone it? I just tried here and it worked for me.


Can you email us to support with your account info so that we can look into it?

Yes sir.

I sent the e. mail as you requested. Please don’t hesitate to add a comment to the thread if support hasn’t received it.