Cocolava Template

“Cocolava” is a sophisticated e-commerce template designed for selling chocolates, boasting an engaging, modern, and creative appearance. With a stylish and elegant design featuring cutting-edge parallax effects, it instantly captivates visitors the moment the website loads.

The platform is equipped with various tabs that significantly enhance ease of management. It effortlessly captures everyone’s attention with just a snap of a finger. Noteworthy features include the ability to customize orders, facilitate cart checkout, and manage order bookings.

Key Properties:

  • Admin Dashboard: Efficiently manage the entire platform from one centralized location.
  • User Dashboard: Empower users to order customized chocolates and easily track their orders.

Included Pages:

  1. Landing Page: A visually striking introduction to the chocolate-selling platform.
  2. Admin Dashboard: Accessible through Chocolava| Admin login, this dashboard provides comprehensive control over the entire system.
  3. User Dashboard: Users can log in on the landing page using the following credentials:
  1. Other Pages: Additional pages such as Cart, My Account, Menu, Customized Order, etc., ensure a seamless and comprehensive user experience.

Demo Account Credentials:

  • User Login: Visit the landing page, click on login, and use the following credentials:
  • Admin Login: Access the admin dashboard at Chocolava| Admin login using the following credentials:

Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with “Cocolava” – where managing and enjoying chocolate purchases is a delightful experience.