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Coinbase Pro <> API Connector

Has anybody successfully connected to the Coinbase Pro API via API Connector? Offering a $100 bounty to anyone that wouldn’t mind allowing me to mimic their setup. Need read, purchase, transfer capabilities.

@andrewmccalister looks like you recently tackled this? would love to chat if so.

Which apis you need to implement? Like do you need Connectivity API or other api?

Thinking to create a plugin and release it. Only if anyone can sponsor part of build time cost.

Hm, no the connectivity API isn’t really relevant to the Pro API–since Pro authentication is done via API keys vs Auth2.0.

I’m actually just really hung up on the authorization portion of the Pro API (how to pass HMAC 256 hash code and the unix timestamp).

Here’s the api doc: Coinbase Pro API - Coinbase Developers

Hey can you help me to exact doc that you are trying to implement?

Is it this page- API Key Authentication - Coinbase Developers ?

Here!: Authorization and Authentication

The signing message is hieroglyphics to me


You can use the online HMAC using the if this is one time thing otherwise you have to use javascript to right your own.

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I have worked with @andrewmccalister to get this work. If I remember, we have created a private plugin to create the signature/authorization process and use API Connector for the calls.

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What would it take to get a copy of that plugin? :pray:

@Jici helped me build this. Highly recommend working with him if he is still doing consulting.

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Thanks @andrewmccalister !

@Jici looks like I cant message directly on the forum-- if you’re open to this work could you touch base at [email protected] – thanks!

@uproll Bubble have native operators to convert to HMAC and Unix


@ankur1 I have developed an api via an nginx node for the Coinbase Pro Exchange API, let me know if you’d like to discuss converting it to a plugin.

Created a standalone API for this, anyone who’d like to see it as a plugin reply to this message.

Let me know what help you need to convert this to plugin?

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