Collapsable Group Not Collapsing

I have a variety of nested groups, some with custom states to expand/collapse sections. I have an outer group (gray box) containing an inner group (white box), which–in turn–contains a variety of collapsable groups.

The white box/group collapses correctly has the smaller groups expand/collapse; however, the gray box/group does not shrink along with the behavior of the white.

Admittedly, I’m not “hiding” the white box, so maybe there’s no trigger for the gray to contract, but this is behavior other than expected. Or am I missing something?

I’m not quite sure I follow the details of your challenge, but here’s a few solutions that may work…

If the grey box is taller than the content within it then it won’t shrink height unless something in it has it’s height collapsed (e.g., group hidden + collapse height selected).

Another way to solve for the grey box height is to add a transparent group below the bottom white box and set to take up the extra space (how many ever pixels) and then set it to show/hide + collapse height so that it hides (i.e., collapses height) when you want the grey box to shrink height.

You can also use Toolbox to make CSS changes to height or width properties, but that’s likely more complex than you want take on for this type of problem. (Toolbox/CSS is not that complex, but seems overkill since this is a simple challenge and easier to solve directly in native Bubble.)

Here, maybe this will help. Put concisely, the gray box should be shrinking, but it does not. I have triple checked for hidden elements, I have made sure the proper “Collapse” when element is hidden option is selected. Not sure what else it can be, besides a bug.


Agreed, this should do it.

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