Collapse Group Width When Element(Group) is hidden

Is it possible to collapse the width of an element when hidden?
I want to collapse the small groups on the left side of each cell so they do not leave gaps as shown in the screenshot.

Currently, bubble only allows collapsing elements vertically. Is there a way of achieving this?

If you create a hide rule in responsive mode it will collapse horizontal. Unfortunately not as a condition. So it will only hide if the screen gets smaller/bigger. This function is a must have!

I’m using conditions unfortunately.

Maybe try this:

You can use JS.

  1. Use HTML element on your page

  2. Set ID Attribute for groups ( for example you have group AAAA and group BB in one line and group Container for AAAA, BB )

  3. Insert JS in HTML which make group AAAA wider when BB is Hide

    window.addEventListener(resize, event => {
    if (document.getElementById(“BB”).style.height === “0px” ) {
    document.getElementById(“AAAA”).style.width = document.getElementById(“Container”).style.width
    }, false);

But add script tag in HTML

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