Collecting data from LinkedIn


I’m able to gather a user’s summary from their LinkedIn’s profile, but nothing else. How could I collect their experience and skills from their profile?

We don’t import this yet. If you need this please reach out support and we’ll talk about it.

@emmanuel can this feature be made available through the LinkedIn plugin ?

Yeah, we’d have to add things to the plugin.

I’ve try to collect data from LinkedIn before. Scraping LinkedIn means to scrape data behind a Login. But there is no way doing that now with

I switched to another crawler called Octoparse.
It does work and so far so good.

Found a tutorial of collecting data from LK

But it is very to reach the limit to visit profiles.
Or you can just use the API provided by Linkedin.!

Hope it would be helpful for you.

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I am also looking to create a login via linkedin and collect data.

@emmanuel - Have we now started collecting fields like experience, education, profile photo or other fields.

Some of the fields are built-in, but now that the API connector supports OAuth, you can actually start adding the calls you want yourself.

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Great thanks for the response

Hi I am wondering if it is possible to pull skills and other information from linked in now?