Combining API Data Types in a list (or casting one to another)

Happy Friday Bubblers,

I’ve got an interesting use case. I’m using an API to create and display items in my app. I have one call (create item) for creating items, and one call (display items) for displaying items in a repeating group. However, unlike bubble’s default data, API calls are not refreshed when new data is present (because how would they know?). As a result, when I call my “create item” API, my repeating group isn’t updated.

To solve this, I could always update the list of data in the repeatinggroup, but this seems like a waste when the only thing being updated is one item. In a typically programming environment, I would simply append the new item to the repeating group’s list on the client side, but I can’t do that here because the items are of different “types” (because they result from different API calls).

So my question: Has anyone figured out a way to either combine API results in a singular list efficiently or wrap one api result as another?


I get the same problem,hope someone got a solution.