🎤 Comedy Club App needs a badass freelancer

I’ve been booking a comedy club for many years, and I’ve built the beginnings of a scheduling app. The core functionality is as follows:

• Create live shows comedy and put them on an event calendar
• Keep a contact list of performers
• Contact those performers (email and/or text) on a user-defined schedule and collect their availability for live shows
• Based on availability, user can invite them to perform, receive confirmations, and allow them to cancel their bookings

Those features are mostly complete, and I need to hire a Bubble expert to help me finish and polish them.

Once the core features are in place, I want to add the following:

• Allow the booker to create Show Formats - from a traditional “host, feature act, headliner act” to a “host and 5 feature acts” showcase format and everything in between
• Auto-generate tweets and IG posts that include the social media handles of the performers (which are already in their contact info).
• Auto-generate graphics and show posters with photos of the performers (already saved in their contact). I’d like to explore different database-driven image creation tools together
• Set show invitations to expire on a timer, based on how far out the show is
• Dynamically generate webpages per-show, listing the performers the audience just saw and their social media handles (I have a version of this already built)
• A web form that allows New Talent to submit their personal information and a video reel of their band/comedy/etc. These will be viewable on a Submissions page within the booking system
• An internal rating and notation system for the booker to keep track of how well the performer did at their show
• And I have ideas for many more systems and features that will roll out over the first year or so.

This project is very UX focused and will be used by end users with zero technical knowledge. I will be designing the majority of the interfaces, but am of course very open to collaborating with you to make the best app we can together.

Let’s chat!!!

This sounds cool. I have a fair amount of experience with scheduling apps. Would love to hear about your timeline and have an official scope meeting if you’re interested.


Let’s do this!

+1 for @jared.gibb - you’re in good hands with him

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