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Hello :slight_smile: I am trying to let users comment on articles. Therefore I have set up a few things, but I don’t know why the comments are not shown, when I do a test in the preview mode. I made a repeating group:

a workflow to save the entries: x2
and I connected the article and the comment data type: x3 x4
As I said, if I make a test the entries are empty: Does somebody know, where my error is? Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

hey there @ram. Do you have any privacy settings on the data? go to the data tab on the left. and then press privacy on the top. you might have to create a default role to view the data. For example when user is logged in. or something more basic if its a public page.

Thanks for your reply. I will check that. I have also repeating groups for the articles and those are shown. Only the comments are not visible.

yea i would check for the data type comment if there are any privacy rules. Aside from that everything else looks ok. I do see however the RG is searching for the artikel_comments. Would you rather be searching for comments and in the constraints put Artikel = current page Artikel?

I changed the search and now it’s working. Kind of strange. I followed the steps from this tutorial: How To Build A Medium Clone With No Code and with those steps my comments are not displayed. If I do it as you have described it, it works. Do you maybe know why the other way was not working?

Not sure. maybe @emmanuel can shed some light. But from the screenshots on the tutorial it looks like there was step missing. It looks like they structured it differently than what the written text suggests. According to the screenshots, from what I understand, they have a field in the post called comments. Which is a list of multiple entries. And instead of creating a new data type comment, they should be just adding to that list.

The way they show it on written text is what I explained above for your solution. You have a separate data type that holds the comments. And in the RG you search for that.

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Alright thank you very much! :slight_smile: