Complete admissions section of learning management app

Hello Forum,

I’m reaching out to find a developer who is immediately available to take over a project from another developer who could not complete it. The task involves working on the admissions section of our application. I anticipate it may require around 50 hours to finish, though this is just an estimate.

My goal is to have someone dedicated to this project until it’s fully completed. Additionally, I’m interested in arranging a short-term maintenance period post-completion to address any potential major bugs.

I believe the admissions component is fairly straightforward, but I’m ready to have a conversation if needed. If you’re interested in this opportunity, I’d like to set up a meeting as soon as possible to discuss the details and kickstart the project.

Looking forward to potentially working with you.

All the best,


Dropped a message for you. Please check

Hey Benjamin :wave:

Would be happy to take a look at it. We have a team of developers so we have a much higher ability to finish a project.

If you would like discuss the detail you can book an introductory call with me and we can see how we can help.

We work by a week by week basis and you decide how many hours you want us to work. There is no long term contract needed. We work this way to make sure we focus on what is needed based on what you say. This helps us to keep focused on the important things and have consistent communication.

We are finding that many people like working with us this way so it’s not a huge investment up front as well as you can see the progress as we work on it. You decide if you want to keep working with us or not.

Anyways, I will send you a private message of our rates and then you can let me know. :blush:

Hey Benjamin

I have taken over massive projects from other developers and gotten them to completion before, so I would love to hear about your project and if I am a good fit to bring it past the final stretch

I will send you a message now with some more details

Bodie Bloore

Hi Benjamin,
I would like to help you from scratch.
Kindly email me at