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Complete Guide on How to Build Chrome Extensions and Website Widgets in Bubble

Definitely interested

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Yes please, been looking at how to do this.

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Very interested!

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I’ve built a successful chrome extension as a companion to a Bubble-built website, and multiple times during the process I wished I had been able to use bubble elements for the UI.

That being said, chrome extensions and normal web apps are architecturally very different. The beauty of a chrome extension is being able to push and pull from the webpage your on or from other deeper browser features. Most of that functionality is from the “background” script, which is sort of like a second backend environment that you have to work within.

The bubble engine doesn’t give you any access to that layer, so I don’t know if it would be worth it to pursue using the bubble front-end via iframe for Chrome Extension development if you can’t also tie in the communication with the background script


Great initiative @matteo, very curious to see your approach towards this!

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Exactly, in fact a part of the guide will cover communication aspects between the iframe and the webpage where the chrome ext/widget is loaded. Curios to see your projects and approach! Can we chat? My email [email protected] or twitter

I’m very interested in this. What’s the timeline on when you’re planning to release this?

Interested to know as well.

Hey @stephencharles @vnihoul77 :slight_smile: here is a potential timeline:

  • Draft of the course (for early adopters) ready by Jan 11th;
  • Access to everyone by Jan 18th;

In the next few days I’ll share the landing page of the course here as well!


Nice, keep us updated :grin: :christmas_tree:

1 Like have the JS widget “out of the box” which is interesting for a very new platform.

Very interested in how we could do this in Bubble.


Hey @NigelG :slight_smile: here is the link to the course landing page

Not ready yet, but you can subscribe to get notified and join the slack group! (you’ll receive the invite link in the email once subscribed)



71 lines :rofl:

ahaha it’s the “beta” title, what do you think about it? :smiley:

Creative! Just subscribed :+1:t2:


Subbed. Look forward!

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It is genius :slight_smile:

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Brilliant idea Matteo! I am very interested in the course, but question; will you cover how the extension can read & manipulate data on a web page the user is viewing? I am trying to create a Chrome Extension that reads data on specific webpages in the browser and injects certain widgets into the page. Would be very interested in seeing how to do that :slight_smile:

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Hi @elsamih!
The course is focused on how to communicate between the bubble app and the Chrome extension wrapper which actually has access to the information you need.
In a lesson, I’m gonna cover how to read information from HTML divs and components and send them to Bubble, and how to add divs in the DOM.

Thanks :slight_smile:


That’s nice to know!

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