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Bubble experts chrome extension

hey want to make a chrome extension.
extension that shows youtube ratings as a % instead of as a bar that current extensions do.

  1. would knowledge users say that bubble would easier for this than other no code apps out there? haven’t looked at other no code apps to know what they’re good at. is this right tool or not really?
  2. different apps are always good for different things, what specific things is this one for? i assume that that bubble is not made specifically to make chrome extensions

looked at a few of the few things on the ‘showcase’ and they look like regular generic sites and not apps, but it looks like some have a login also. ofc that doesnt help answer these questions

Chrome extensions is a different kind of thing to Bubble (maybe you know this already, apologies if I am stating the obvious) . You don’t need Bubble to make a chrome extension. Bubble is for database based web apps, with easy API integrations and much more.

ok but what no code apps for chrome extensions because extensions needs to know code

You can build a chrome extension on bubble without code. You’ll build it as a normal app then wrap it and host on an Amazon server and use that tag wrapped and hosted on Amazon to display on chrome.

Pretty sure there’s a tutorial on the forums here, if I can find it I’ll update my response here.

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I guess I got the wrong meaning here - you can make a PWA with Bubble - which you can install similar to a Chrome extension … but maybe I am confused between PWA’s and Chrome extensions and am just digging an even deeper hole. I shall gracefully bow out. :slight_smile:

The gist of it is:

Bubble is extremely dynamic, actually we can do pretty much anything we want with it if we are creative enough.

In this case creating a chrome extension is done by:

Creating and amazon AWS S3 bucket with public access that runs a JS file (basically wrapping your app in an iframe and using DOM to make callbacks(not as complex as it sounds). Heres an example code: extension -

Once the S3 bucket is up you can throw it in a base chrome extension template to display it inside the extension. something like this would be dropped inside the base chrome extension template.

Once done you will be able to load the app through the extension.

Most interaction done is via the app itself but if you need to do on page data actions those Interactions will be via callbacks set in the JS file above.

@Matteo has a great super in depth tutorial on this here - Superbuild — Courses


well i guess 50 to make this with bubble is better than the 8 years of trying to learn js css and code and not being able to…

someone already made this extension a long time ago, think it was a student, probably a geek type of student, but they removed the extension, extension disappear somewhere along the way after i told them that i’ve seen pretty much all the youtubes, and youtubes lower than a 99% rating is not really worth watching, and there should be a way to change the color coding based on ratings in the extension.
and there’s been nothing that does what that simple extension did since.

maybe i could take another 8 years to try to learn typescript or something…
or wait another 8 years for a tool that is specifically best for making a simple chrome extension

dont understand these steps at all, but it seems that maybe “aws s3 bucket” (w/e that is) may need code, that link looks like some code.

maybe i’ll try a simple extension from some tutorial out there that is 10000x simpler and easier, and try to do that tut and maybe learn a little bit of code. and maybe have to do 10000 other simple tutorial to be able to learn some code. maybe that would work out instead of looking for the 2nd most popular no code tool

after all, i represent 96% of the human population when it comes to knowing and learning to code, that’s why we have so few coders proportionally in the world