🔥 Complete Overhaul of the Animations Landing Page Template from Zeroqode

Hey Bubblers,
we’ve just finished a complete revamp of one of our templates - Animations Landing Page Template. Check out all the features it’s coming with as well as the video overview and live demo!

Animations Landing Page template is all about modern animations and bold color choices. Deep blue and green work well together against an overall white/greyish background.

The navy blue creates a calm, productive, and serene user experience, and when paired with an energetic green that evokes feelings of renewal, growth, and new beginnings, it works well almost for any business.

Information is presented in sections accompanied by keyword-rich headings, thus enabling users to better comprehend what is on the page.

All the pages are made on the new Bubble responsive engine.

Anatomy & features of Animations landing page template:

  • Modern animations
  • Sign up
  • Blog
  • Article page
  • Subscriptions section
  • FAQ section
  • Contacts section
  • Subscription to Newsletter
  • About us & Contact us sections
  • Responsive design (new Bubble Responsive Engine).

LIVE DEMO: https://onetemplate.bubbleapps.io/

DOCUMENTATION: Animations Landing Page Template

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