Condition - Button Pressed Change Background Color (not flash)

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I wanting to change the background color of a Button when it is Pressed/Focused and hold that color until another button is pressed within the app (not just flash) but when I set up the “Pressed” option in the Conditional window it only flashes the color change and reverts back to the original color similar to how the “Hover” condition works. Not sure if I am missing something but any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I think this will be best with custom states on the button. Do a quick search for custom states, lots of threads go into detail there

Thanks @potentialthings, just found the solution in a different thread…

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@bwvemma can you share the solution? Thank you

Hi @mignownow,

You can achieve this by setting different “states” on an element (button) so that when the button is clicked a workflow is triggered and changes the state of the buttont. You also need to create a condition within the button’s editor so that when the state is changed to “xyz” the properties for that button will change. If you are not familiar with “states” just search around the forum as there are plenty of threads explaining states in great detail.

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do the buttons have to be in a repeated group (can someone illustrate how they done it)?