Condition on map marker hover?

Feels like it should be obvious, but can’t find it. When I select “This map’s current marker…” I don’t see option for “is hovered”. Would like to pass marker location to a group and show details, but only on marker hover, not map hover, kinda like a caption.

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Hi Daniel :slight_smile: I think you can only do this on click currently, using the workflow event “when a map marker is clicked”, then using display data or set state to show the most-recently clicked marker’s data in the group.

Thanks Faye. That’s how I had it set up, but was hoping to have two different interaction routes, one for marker hover, one for marker click. Good to know it’s a current limitation, and not me being too thick to see an obvious path!

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reviving this old thread 3 years later!

Does anyone know if this is still a limitation? Ideally, I’d like to have a hovering experience on a map where an icon is hovered and a small popup / group appears above the icon.



HI im searching for the same

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