Condition with list field on button click


I am a newcomer. Please help!

How do I config a condition on click with filed list is contain ‘value’,

Let say in User I have a field call Permission which is a list, in the list contain a list of text. How can I do, If I want to check the current user in field Permission contain ‘a permission’.

Thank you in advance

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In your screenshot there, you should be able to just type in text - something that would be found in the permissions list. Note that this is case sensitive, so if you have “admin” in the list, then you should type “admin” and not “Admin” or “ADMIN”

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Hi romanmg,

Thank for reply, after follow your instruction, It work as expect.

How about if the permission field in user table is a list filed which is reference to another table (perhaps permission table)? How to do for this case.

I am a coder and I still worry to use bubble. Yes! I feel in love with it, and most of the application logic are support by workflow nicely, but is it possible to have a custom function to plugin? As my future project need to use plugin like

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hi @qwinsolutions, did you end up integrating bubble with annodatorjs?