Conditional Formatting - Select a Style (pre-defined)

In an Element’s conditional formatting, it would be great if a Style (i.e. those Styles pre-defined on tab=tabs-4) could be selected, instead of needing to select and configure all the various formatting elements. This feature would make conditional formatting much faster and more consistent. For example, I could define a “Button Disabled” style and not have to do this every time:

Thanks @Bubble:slight_smile:

Each of the styles currently includes it’s own conditions. So, you can use one style and hover conditions, etc. get carried over. As such, the current model works differently.

Would be nice if styles were more like CSS though in that the user could use the style and also override the default with a value or two – example: make this text style “header” but change the color to light grey instead of the style’s default black.