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Conditional salutation in e-mail

Hi there,

Is it possbible to create a dynamic text in an e-mail based on a form value? Here is the workflow:

  1. Visitor fills out form which includes a dropdown for gender
  2. Hits submit
  3. Bubble sends e-mail to visitor which contains a salutation based on the gender in the form:

In general code something like:
IF gender = “m” THEN print “Dear Mr.” ELSE print “Dear Mrs.”


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We use USA and UK dates for our forms. So when displaying data we “show” both types of data but put a “visible” condition based on the user choice.
You can do something similar with Mr and Mrs.

Thanks for the input. The problem is that the e-mail body only allows “simple” dynamic data. So from my understanding I can’t work with for example a “visible” condition.

Can you create a custom state to an element, for example the dropdown?

Text state: when dropdown’ value is M, set state “greeting” to equal “Mr.”; when value is F, set state to equal “Mrs.”

Then in email, “Dear [dropdown’s greeting value] [user’s last name]”

Give that a try.

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