Conditional to Change SEO/FB Title, Description and Image

Wanted to provide a quick update on this, for those who might find this thread in the future:

Upon further research and testing, I discovered that Bubble does not reload the entire page when navigating to a different record on the same typed page, though it will retrieve dynamic SEO meta tags associated with the underlying record. What’s more, it seems that Bubble will retrieve this record each time the URL changes regardless of whether one is navigating to the new record via a workflow or a native Bubble link.

With this in mind, I’ve created a “helper” data type for “pages,” which has fields for custom SEO meta, as well as the full URL path as the slug. I’ve then bound my root page (where the Sudsy element lives) to this data type. This allows me to use @sudsy link elements for all internal navigation (building links dynamically by reference to the target “page”), avoid reloads and draw in dynamic metadata for each record, regardless of the associated custom data type — all without fiddling with custom JS.

I manipulate the UI and load the associated custom records via Sudsy, by reference to the URL parameters, and I keep my page metadata up to date across custom types via a “page” field on the associated records, combined with database triggers.

Shoutout to @chris.williamson1996, whose musings on the below thread sent me down this path. :beers: