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Customizable SEO/FB title and description

I would like to be able to have more dynamic options to set the "Title (for SEO/FB) and “Description (for SEO/FB)” on the page. as we can do with page title (for exaple showing the result of a search or taking the datas from a group or RG that is on the page).

this is mostly needed if you want to use the “short url slug trick” as doing that is not possible to attribute data directly on a page level so neither pulling them for SEO title/description at the moment.

thank you!


I may be missing some details in your question here, but it is possible to pull the dynamic Title&Description when you’re using the short url slug trick.

What you need to do is to create somewhere on your page a State that will hold the object of the page that has been loaded via the WF described in “sluck trick”, and reference SEO dynamic values to that State\Object.

Meaning if I typed and my WF did a search and found object1 in the DB and shown the appropriate dynamic content on the page referencing to that object, I can also set state of object one to one of the elements of the page, and pull any data I need in the SEO metatags section from it.

That’s just my way of doing it, but I hope I was able to describe the idea.
Let me know if that makes sense.


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Hi Vlad, I did some tests but I couldn’t do that… could you please share a couple of screenshots?

I did something like this, but still when pulling the page object, this is empty…

Could you also tell me where to check which is the current SEO title/description output? I’m using an online tool but it works very bad…

Thank you!

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What I found out while responding to your question - there are several ways to do that :slight_smile:

First of all, you need to be sure you nailed Nigel’s solution for pretty URLs.
I see you have been active in the thread Internal Bubble Page re-direct, but that’s the key item you need to make sure that works for you.

Once that’s done and you can get the needed object data displayed on your page based on your URL input, here are at least a couple of options:

The simplest here would probably be using Conditional functionality of the Page.

My way of doing that is that in the same workflow that is fetching the “Path” variable from your URL upon page load to decide which “Movie” to load in your case, should set the state that we can later use for SEO reference purposes.

So if you entered , your workflow “When Page is Loaded” should do a search in your DB for an object that is representing that movie (I sometimes create separate fields in the DB specifically for lookup purpose).
So in this case search can look somethingl ike - Do a Search for Movies, Where Movie_URL_title contains “Get Path from page URL” (which in this case is “mrbean2”)

If you set up your data correctly, you will find the Thing (DB Object) that is Mr. Bean movie.

Then as a next step in your workflow you can Set State to Movie_Page of the type Movie and give the result of previous step (Mr.Bean movie).

And in settings of your page, you can put Conditional terms to display the needed SEO params fetched from the object you refer to (in our case - State of the Page you defined in the initial Page Loading WF).
Something like that:

Let me know if that works for you.

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This is great! I was just working on this myself.
I followed your advice @vladlarin and it seems to work. However, when I run the page through facebook linter, it doesn’t pick up the OG:tags.
Have you done this successfully?

Just tried, and look like FB only picks up dynamic OG tags when it fetches the page with the actual object reference (with the unique id “tail” in the url)

Maybe the solution with the crawling the page with the list of links for the dynamic page would work here for FB crawler?
Not sure if it works the same for Goggle and FB crawlers, but apparently this solves the thing for Google.

Didn’t try it myself for FB though.

Here’s the reference:

Ah, thats a bummer!
@emmanuel is it an easy fix to be able to access other options in a page’s FB page title/description/image ?
Seems like the last piece of the puzzle to have good looking urls working :slight_smile:

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ah, and on this part:

`[quote=“rhinoted, post:3, topic:9476, full:true”]

Could you also tell me where to check which is the current SEO title/description output? I’m using an online tool but it works very bad…


For on the fly checking the current page html\css (and many more things), I am using Google Developer tools

No it’s not an easy fix. It has very important page load performance implications. Doing a search for instance would slow things down.

Ok. Seems like Facebook isn’t picking up the OG:tags if we insert a value on current user at page load either.
Have we hit a dead end or might there be other solutions to this?

Is it in the raw HTML?

I checked the scraped URL, and the value I inserted on current user for FB Title is not showing up in the html.
I also had a value which I typed in the page properties for FB description. That is showing up correctly.

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So it’s a question for Facebook, not Bubble.

Is it because FB is scraping the page before it’s completely loaded?

Honestly, it’s a question for Facebook, not Bubble…

Guess I’ll ask in the Facebook forum then :smile:
…Or maybe I’ll just give Mark a call to hear what’s up with his scraper.

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What data is not showing up on the FB Share ? Will have a look, as I have got it working for images so that trick may well work for tags.

Maybe look at doing a scrape of the page on load by calling

See …

Basically all the OG:Tags that are being inserted dynamically when doing the “nice url” hack are not being fetched by Facebook.
Also, I fetched the page through Google Search Console, and it seems that Googlebot cannot render it correctly either (see image below. The left image is how Googlebot sees the page. No text. Although, the header image is also inserted the same way, and it displays like it should).

So, looking from a SEO perspective, it seems like the “nice url”-hack is not very good…


Just wanted to followup to see what you eventually did for the nice-url SEO optimization - were you able to figure out a way to accomplish it?

It seems the only way is to go back to to a non nice url… but you get SEO.

- I figured out using @NigelG approach to save the data to the User and retrieve it that way. It does use data resources but I think it’s well worth it to get the SEO just right.

Hey folks, I’m running into this now with the new Bubble update with pretty URLs. Anyone else? I just wrote a generic title for my pages. But no longer am I am able to do dynamic content.

— Edit —
Hmm, just found this, which I’ll have to look more into:

Note that dynamic images and text in the OG tags can only come from either the user or from the Page “thing” or you could try a custom state on an element.