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Conditionally change number of columns in a repeating group?

Is it possible to conditionally change the number of columns in a repeating group?

Scenario: I have a repeating group, set to show four columns. The data source is an option set, which has 4 options. So all is good here.

However, I have a conditional set up to change the data source and remove one of these four options. When this occurs, the repeating group only needs three columns.

But as it’s still set at four, the other three columns are offset.

Is there a way when the amount of options is reduced to three, the amount of columns reduces to three?

I’m looking for the same thing!

The only solution I can think of to date is having multiple RGs with the same data, and having your condition display a different RG depending on the number of elements in the data set.


if dataset = 3 items, show 3 item RG
if dataset = 2 items, show 2 item RG

and so on

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