Conditionally change Text Element content vs stacking Text Elements?

Hi, I feel a bit crazy asking this, but is there a way to conditionally change a text element’s content?

What I’ve been doing is stacking two text elements on the page then showing/hiding with element conditionals like so…


Is there a better way to do this? It feels clunky & gets bad if there are many stacked elements.


Text A --> ‘Conditional’ Tab --> When condition is true Text Value: "My conditional text

aha! Wonderful, but it leads to my next question… who do people treat this scenario but with Link elements such as create/edit/view as link options or perhaps two groups as create and edit forms groups?

Short answer: Use a page state = ‘Create’ ‘Read’ ‘Update’ Setup conditional elements to behave as needed based on the current page state. For example: you can set inputs to be conditionally disabled on a ‘Read’ state. In the case of your texts, the link could change? You can trigger a bubble workflow using the toolbox plugin javascript to workflow g and the link in your text field "javascript:bubble_fn_myexampleworkflow()"

Long Answer:
Are you referring to a CRUD application?
If so, there is a growing body of knowledge about how to build those kinds of apps effectively within bubble to avoid common mistakes and save you a lot of time. Like every programming environment, there are quirks and ‘I can’t believe they didn’t include this’ kind of things that can become very time-consuming if you don’t have a proper plan in place. It pays to know. :slight_smile: Search for guides on application architecture. Specifically, I’d check out “single page applications”

@cobubble has a paid video that shows you their methodology for this I believe.

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