Conditions on current cell value

Hi all,

In a repeating group I want to display a text with a dynamic value which should be either from field A if it is >0 or field B if that one is >0. But I cannot get a condition on it:
In this example Field A would be ‘Value per week’, and Field B would be ‘Value per day’ if there is no value per week.

If I would use ‘Do a search’ I could use conditions, but I would not know the place of the current cell. Any suggestions how to use conditions in this situation?

Could you place a condition on the text element, and provide a different Text value (for the entire [ul]) based on the conditions?

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Smart stuff! That willl indeed fix this!

But am I missing something or am I the only one wishing a conditions window like the one for ‘search for’ pops up when you want to use a dataset already downloaded for another group ? Then you can find values on specific rows right?