Confirmation of email without being logged in?

I’m seeing that I have some users that logout before confirming their email. So when they get the confirmation email, they click the link to confirm but are directed to login first. This causes a problem when they forget their login, as they would now need to reset their password, then have to confirm their email. When they do remember and login, I’m able to pass the token and redirect them back to the confirm page so they will be confirmed.

It just seems like an extra hurdle to a process that is already annoying to a user (confirming their email), where every other CRM doesn’t require the user to be logged in to confirm their email, they just simply click the link in their email and it confirms. I just wonder what the idea was to force the user to login to confirm.

It is up to the developer to put together the system they would want to use…there are multiple ways to confirm an email that can be constructed by the developer and not rely on the built in confirm email from Bubble.

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