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Confusing Bubble json response to GET call

I made my app public for help with this:

(The app name is “validate”…not sure if link I posted works).

Situation: I make a successful GET call to my Bubble app and receive data back (using postman, for example):

Problem: Bubble’s json response. In this case, it returns the two fields I allow in privacy settings BUT changes the field names! I’m not referring to the “_text” appendage, I understand that, field type.

Look at the Prospect thing. It contains fields including “NameLast” and “PhoneNumber”

Bubble returns their text values correctly in the GET call, but it changes both field names, and each in a different way.

“NameLast” becomes “lastname_text”
“PhoneNumber” becomes “phone_text”

Shouldn’t they be “namelast_text” and “phonenumber_text”?

Is this a bug? (I may have renamed those fields at some point. Is Bubble returning the ‘old’ field names?
Are some names restricted some way?

FYI, I use same field names in the code for a Twilio frontend that accesses my app. The “unexpected” field name reply is breaking everything.

Someone please help?!

The way it currently works is that we take the original name indeed. So if you renamed the fields we keep the initial name as it avoids bad stuff from happening (imagine you have devs using the API, they’d have to redo everything). We may enable users to change the field captions at some point, but we don’t have a plan there yet.

You can always create a new field and use this one if it’s critical and delete the old, problematic, one.

Thanks much for the prompt reply!

I didn’t think of creating new field, will do that.

In the logs, would it be possible to add the current fields names ? When the current field isn’t realy linked to the initial name, it’s sometimes hard to find.