Connect api to populate variable with image

Hello, I’m trying to an API via the plugins to connect my website to mailersend, a business email sending service. The email has various variables that connect to customer information. I’m trying to connect some variables to images though and I’m struggling there. When I do connect everything, the image populates with a link to the image but not the image itself. I’ve uploaded the image both to the file manager and the datatype. I’m a bit lost on where to go from here to fix it and would appreciate any help.

thank you very much!

an image is often sent via API as a link. If you add the domain part of the image the mail service should be able to display the associated image.

thank you! And sorry I’m a bit new to all of this, how would I go about adding the domain part of the image? Do I need to upload a different type of image? Or Do I need to upload the image in a different way?