Connect GSpreadsheets via Service Account

So I used the this puglin:

Get the access token and pass to the API Connector Puglin.
With that I can connect mine bubble app with the spreedsheets that I want simply passing the ID paramether.

My doubt it’s how get this values in a right way?
I don’t wanna to store nothing in bubble DB. I just want to use that connection to take specify columns and rows and tables of the spreedsheets.

I can access the values and it appears right to me every time I make a API Connector call.
But when I tried to invoke them in to display tables using repeating group they simply don’t show.

@nicholasrbarrow , please maybe you can help me?

If you’re able to get this working in the API connector, then the issue is likely how you’re trying to display the data.

There’s very little technical language in your post, so it is hard for me to understand what could be going wrong, and where.

Please provide screenshots of your workflows as well as screenshots from your browser’s console.

Yes @nicholasrbarrow you are right.
The error it’s in the way that how I was trying to display the data.

Tks a lot for the awesome work doing that puglin, it’s save me.

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