Connect the mondial relay API

Hello everyone !
I would like to add a transportation feature to my app but I encountered an issue with the mondial relay API.
I found the documentation on the web site and I used a special private key given by mondial relay for testing. The mondial relay documentation is in format xml and I added manually all the parameters in the API connector.
When I try to initialize a call, I have the 415 error : the structure can’t be supported by the platform

Is there somebody who has experiences in the Mondial Relay’s API?
What can I do to solve the error?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hey there,

Did you specify the XML content type in your API request? add some screenshots of what you’re trying.

Yes, I specified the XML content type.
Here are some screenshot

You have selected form-data for body type. You need to change to raw. Pretty sure you will also need to use the raw body box and not the parameters list.

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