Connecting data fields using unique_id and csv upload

I’m having trouble connecting my data fields so that I can reference other tables within my data structure. There are a lot of helpful threads about how to design your data structure but I cannot find anything to assist in actually putting it together, and navigating constant csv validation issues.

I have 3 interconnected data types at this stage: country, region, and regulator.

I exported all of my regions and countries in order to get their unique_ids (as I believe that is how I must reference them - attempting to match other values did not work). I then did a bunch of work to match them into arrays that could be uploaded as lists. However when I go to modify the regulator data using csv upload the validation tool tells me that from row one, the value (unique_id) cannot be found for country. Here is a screenshot of a section of my spreadsheet. Row one has only a single country value, and it is exactly as in the DB. As you can see above, I did manage to upload and link the regions to their countries.

Here are my error messages:

Thanks for any help you can provide.

*After posting, i tried to do an upload instead of a modification - ignoring the regulator unique_id and planning to delete the old rows after the upload if it worked. It did not. validation was ok and then it failed:

Has anyone encountered this before, or can anyone point me to a video that deals with connecting data types to one another so I can more effectively troubleshoot this myself? thanks.

I would seriously consider using Parabola to do this, rather than a csv import.

Thanks @NigelG, i’m on their website now.

Also, I managed to solve my issue. If you have a delimiter (ie. semi-colon) at the end of a list of values, bubble’s csv importer will try to register a blank/empty value after it. The final value in a list/array must not be followed by a delimiter or the import will fail.