Connecting to JDoodle API/ Code compiler

I need some help connecting to the JDoodle API

I don’t fully understand the documentation, to summarize my key questions:

  • what do I choose as the authentication method on Bubble

  • doing a sanity check to verify if the details I entered under API connector are correct

Here is a breakdown of how I have entered the details

My objective is to enable users of my app to interact with a code compiler allowing them to write and run code (returning output of what they wrote) using; Python, SQL &/or R

You are using oAuth2 but I didn’t see any informations about oAuth2 auth process for this api. Seem that you only need to use parameters with clientId and clientSecret.

Thanks. This might be a dumb question on my part, but I assumed this is what oAuth2 allowed for; using the clientID and secret as params or am I missing something?

Oauth2 is more complex. But normally, you don’t have client secret in url.
In oAuth2, the first step is to ask user consent to authenticate using their own credentials. So the first url will point to authorize endpoint of the app. Normally, this will include the id key, the scopes, the redirect url and the type. Once user have authorized the app, the app will send you back a code, that you will use to call an endpoint called “token”. You need code, key, secret and in some case, the redirect url. This will send you an bearer token that you can use in call to make them on behalf of the user. There’s different version of the oAuth2 process but this is the most common.

This API doesn’t have an oauth2. They just ask you for ID key and secret in url parameters. Normally, only an api key is needed for this kind of auth but they choose to make it different.
In Bubble you will need to use Shared parameters if you wan’t to use your own credentials

Thanks. I have tried selecting the no authentication option and adding these details

But I get this error when I try to initialize

'There was an issue setting up your call.

undefined error: this header name is not correct undefined’

Hoping you might know how I can navigate past this?

I see this happen sometimes when you add a header and remove it. Seem that the header continue to live. In some case, better to start from a fresh new API Call
I have modifier my previous comment. I should have said shared parameters, not shared header