Consistency vs Speed

I think consistency is a priority over speed, when you see something works and then doesn’t, you know you cant rely on it.

For example i just created a “Do when condition is true” workflow which gets triggered “Only when” a specific list, filtered, count, is > 0, set as “Every time”.

The result is mixed, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, which obviously is not your bug, only a server issue.

I think bubble should focus on consistency first, i can’t build something i can’t rely on.


Man you described my problem altogether… I’m having now to do 2nd tier workflows to get Bubble’s inconsistency problems and then deal with them (most times manually)… Really looking forward when they will release their “Apps bug-free at scale”. According to their description it should handle our problems…

“Workflow consistency when multiple workflows touch the same data at the exact same time”

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