Consistent sort order for data fields

Right now, the data fields for each data type in the Bubble editor (Data page, &tab=tabs-3) appear in ascending A->Z alphabetical order, which I appreciate since it makes finding fields super easy when scanning a large list. The down side is that these fields are sorted descending newest->oldest by creation date everywhere else in the Editor as well as in JSON returned by the Data API. In some places it seems the retrieved lists are still alphabetical but based on the original custom field’s name and not the newly assigned field name (ie: I first name a text field “myTextField” and later rename this to “textField”, however the field continues displaying as if it started with a “m” and not a “t” . in the A->Z list).

The idea I am proposing:

  • Force a consistent sort order across the board in both Editor and Data API


  • Allow editor admins the ability to choose a “master” sort order for their app’s data fields