Constrain results to matching a value in a list

I’m new to this and am having some problems restricting a list of values (Concerts) to contain only those that are found in a User list field which contains all the Unique IDs of the concerts to which they have attended (ConcertList).

I want a repeating group to show only the Concerts who match one in that user’s ConcertList.

For a constraint, I’m trying:

Unique ID = Current Users’s ConcertList

And that does not work but it seems the most logical of the options I see. I think the problem is that I’m comparing a single text value to a list of values and so it never matches. How do I determine a match for a single item against a list properly? It seems like I’d want to do something like this…

Current User’s ConcertList Contains Unique ID

…but that does not appear possible. Thoughts?

What if your repeating group source was simply “Current User’s ConcertList”? The type would still be set to Concerts.

That got me there, thanks. It says that my repeating group’s type is Concert, so the data source should be a list of concerts but this way it is instead a list of texts.

With the data source for the repeating group set to “Current User’s ConcertList” and the type still set to “Concert”. The specific error is “RepeatingGroup Concert: Data source should be a List of Concerts but right now it is a List of texts”.

I changed the type from Concert to text and works, but all I get is the ID as text so I can now make my constraint to match where Unique ID = current cell’s text. That seems to do the trick!

Ah, ok. I thought your ConcertList was a list of Concerts and not a list of Unique IDs.

Something to consider though: I recommend making the User’s ConcertList a list of Concerts instead of a list of Texts. You’ll have way more flexibility that way because the link to the actual Concert records will let you retrieve Concert field values instead of having to perform another search for each Concert and constrain the search by the ID.

I didn’t realize that was possible when I created it-- I’ll give that a shot now. Thanks again!

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