Consulting on Google Sheet,, Sheetsu integration

We’d like to consult a Bubble freelancer on how we would build an app on Bubble to present our financial models developed in google sheets? The app (a web page) would have a user input section to modify inputs in the google sheet, and a graphical presentation section where users would view results based on inputs entered in the prior section.

Our aim is to understand how Bubble, Google Sheets, and Sheetsu could be used to achieve our objective and get a better idea of the look and feel of the final solution. To help us make a decision on whether Bubble, Google Sheets, and Sheetsu are a good fit for us, we could provide you with more details about our financial models and the final solution we have in mind. Then we could set-up an hour telephone discussion to discuss your thoughts and whether you think this is feasible. We’ll reimburse you for the time spent on the call discussing options with us.

Please reply or drop me a PM if you are interested in something like this.

Thanks so much.

We’ve been praising Sheetsu for some time, but honestly now it seems more like a zombie service.

No support around, the services still runs (and charges you money), but in case things go south - you seem to be on your own (and things did go south quite a few times back when we actively used them - and support team was promptly coming to the rescue).

If I was you - I would take a look at direct Bubble>Gsheets integration, depending on how exactly you need this working of course.

From what you are describing - this does not seem to be overly complex if you need to create\update records in Gsheets.

I would even challenge Gsheets as being the feasible DB\back end if you have Bubble DB already part of your setup, but I may not know all the details.



Please Check PM