Contemplate - Connect with your values and stay on track with your weight goals!

Greetings everyone,

We’ve been building and improving Contemplate over the past two years and are now live on both the App and Google Play Stores!

Weight loss programs are inefficient.

The problem is so big, we either accept it as inevitable, get desperate and look for a quick fix, or lean on old resource-intensive models, like therapy, to manage it.

​Contemplate is a direct consequence of cutting-edge research designed to address this problem – the fundamental gap between knowing and doing.

Published in the journal Applied Psychology in 2020 and featured by the BBC in 2021, the design and philosophy of Contemplate was pioneered by experimental psychologist Dr. Jason Wessel, who designed Contemplate Weight Loss to make the benefits of his research more accessible.

Contemplate is built on the back of multiple studies using the ‘gold standard’ of research methodologies (random control trials) and mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative data).

Not only is Contemplate the only weight loss app designed by an experimental psychologist, Contemplate is the only weight loss app designed by a psychologist. Period.

Contemplate doesn’t just borrow from psychology. It breaks down the complexities of human motivation into fundamental principles and assembles them into a process that heightens your awareness of your own behaviors, supporting lasting behavior change in the quickest time possible. Just 60 seconds per day.

Bubble has been great as we’ve taken an iterative approach to our to our build. If you’re interested, we’d love for you to jump in and try out our mobile app with a free trial. We’d love any comments or feedback as we continue to improve and add features. Thanks

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Nice work! Looks great. Good luck!

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