Content no apper to user not logged

Guys I have saved some hours of operation in a table, which is appearing only when the administrator of the page is logged in, the content is the way I want it but it is not appearing to the end customer. See the prints
The user sees it that way

But the administrator of the page is seeing how it should

I use a contstrain to specify which user the timetable should take

The question is, because the content appears for the adm and does not appear for the user, what did I do wrong?

Hey @FelipeChanfrone :wave:

It’s sort of hard to tell without seeing more details. Hmm :thinking:

My first check would be your privacy settings. Is there any setting that only shows data to the user that created it?

That would be my first thing to check.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Where do I see this

Here is where you can see Privacy Settings. hope that helps a little bit. :blush:

There was a privacy restriction, but I don’t remember putting it there, I managed to fix it, thank you very much. But I keep wondering if the bubble puts these restrictions on its own or did I do it

Yes, Bubble now puts it there automatically when creating a new dataType.

This is a new feature for security purposes. :blush:

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Is there an article explaining?

Sure: Improvements to working with data privacy rules

Here you go. :blush:

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