Continue workflow even if the user leaves( auto logout)

Hi, I come across this forum and implemented the workflow in this website. However, I realise that when I close my website,the timer in my database stop decreasing. May I know how should I continue my workflow even if the user closes the website?

You may need to upgrade your app to get access to backend workflows:
Backend workflows - Bubble Docs

oo ok, thank you so much, after i have upgraded my bubble, i will try to implement this.

Hi , I have just upgraded my package but still do not know how to implement it to the backend workflow. Is it possible if you can make a mock up of it? Really thank you so much.

No problem. Firstly, go to settings->API and ensure the “Enable Workflow API and backend workflows” is checked.

Next, Select backend workflows from the editor navigation:

In my example I created a workflow called test, got it to write to a log table every time it was called, got it to terminate when it had written 10 entries to the table, and then scheduled a call to itself again every minute:

I then put a button on a test page to trigger it:

From preview mode I clicked the button and shut the app immediately. Following results in log table:

You can view the app here:
Testformulas | Bubble Editor

Hihi, really thank you so much for your detailed explanation and your help. These explanation made me understand the api workflow.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

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