Continuous numeric string


I need to generate a unique order number in a continuos order, according to the date and time created, when an order is placed.

This is to allow a restaurant app to find and track the orders in the database and outside of it.

I know how to create a random alphanumeric string, but its random.

IS it a way to make it continuous and only numbers?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I use two types of unique identifiers, one to ID each project and one to ID invoices.

The first is comprised of letter and numbers. It takes certain truncated fields and puts it together to form a unique ID. for example: Project’s manager truncated to 3 capitalized: ‘VIN’. This way you can string together a couple of unique identifiers.

As for the invoice, we use a fixed number,lets say: 17001. The next one is basically the last one + 1 (with the ability to manually override.


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