Converting a bubble list of things to a JavaScript array

Hi Bubblers,

I am new to JavaScript, so this is (hopefully) an easy one:

I am trying to get a list of uniqueIDs into my Javascript as an array, but it does not seem to work. What do I do wrong?

I am using the Toolbox Plugin.

Thanks for the help!

Hi Nicola,

Here’s what I usually do for an array of strings from Bubble lists:

var exerciseGroups = ["Current User's Medial Issue's Exercise Groups's unique id :join with "","""];

To break that down since the :join with can be confusing. After selecting :join with you will be prompted to enter something. You will type:


and it will add another set of double quotes around it once you hit enter. The array begins with [" and ends with "]. What is happening here is that the [ ]'s provide the array. Then we manually provide the first double quote to go around the first value of the list. The :join with then provides the closing double quote of the first value, then (if there is another item in the list) a list separating comma, and then the next opening double quote. This continues until the end, where we manually provide the closing double quote of the last value.

Good luck!


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Ken Truesdale


Thank you Ken! This works perfectly :smile:

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