Cool new expressions - :Split by and :Arbitrary text

Arbitrary text

:Split by



Arbitrary text
Why you want this:

  • ‘short text’ inputs that won’t let you concatenate multiple dynamic texts together. This gives you a way to do that.
  • ‘short text’ input where its impossible to read longer texts or concatenated dynamic expressions. This gives you a long text’ field that is much easier to read.
  • when you want to perform an operation on the result of a bunch of concatenated texts such as [text1[text2][text3] could be put inside arbitrary text and then the group could be worked on by another expression at the top level `Arbitrary Text:format as JSON-safe’
  • previous non-intuitive error-prone workarounds like Current Date/Time is not empty:formatted as text just to get the capabilities of the above.

Split by
Why you want this.

  • Turn a text delimited by some character into a list without regex. Split by line_break as mentioned above is really nice one.
  • This is a basic utility function in Javascript (and every other programming language) and its kind of unbelievable it wasn’t a default bubble function (without needing to use regex) since we already have join with x
  • Novice users will find it much easier to work with splitting texts into lists

Great stuff


Finally! Thanks :grin:. This is exactly the kind of improvment in line with nocode. Regex is hard to understand for a lot of users.


Can I use Arbitrary Text as a text comparison that evaluates to T or F?

How can I use split by to parse and split \t and \n ?