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Copy List of Things - practical uses?

I have had a play, and see what it does. Duplicates a list of things in a particular Data Type.

But… why :slightly_smiling:

I needed a lot actually ! Copy a list of things allowed me to duplicate a thing with its different attributes. For instance if you have a product with Price, Tax%, Weight, Color… (and all theses are in Product’s lists of things because units can be different for each product), for duplicating the product I needed to copy all them as well. Then future modification won’t modify original attributes.
I did a lot before sharing theses attributes based on CreationDate, ArchiveDate on a relational basis, but I reached recently its limits.

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Aha, got it I think.

So if you copy a single thing, any lists of things on that are not copied as well but point to the original, just in a different list. If you want an identical, but duplicated list …you use copy list.

Is that right ?

You are perfectly right :slightly_smiling: I could not copy the linked characteristics since we can’t loop a Create a thing on them.
Can be also about a modele of Thing you want your user instantiate.


That is very powerful. Thanks for explaining.

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