Copy multiple actions?

Hi @emmanuel

Would it be possible to copy multiple actions from a workflow? Maybe hold down cmd and select multiple?

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You can copy the whole workflow

true, but i want to put all the actions under “Custom workflow”. Can i do that?

You can certainly copy custom workflows. Have you tried?..

For example i have added all this workflows under “Page is loaded”

I want all this actions under “Custom workflow”. The only i way i see this right now, is to copy each action. Am i wrong?

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I want to trigger all this actions after 3 seconds after the page is loaded :slight_smile:

Oh right, we don’t have that.

is it complicated to add? i can also just copy paste :slight_smile: It was just a thought

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It’s not a quick fix.


it s fine :slight_smile: i can live without

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Is this still the case after all this time? I am looking for a way to copy multiple workflow steps (not all of them) to paste into a different workflow. Can not find easy way to do it other than copying & pasting them all one by one, which is obviously quite tedious.

on similar subject, can we add a way to disable/bypass a workflow step without completely deleting it? (and without using “only when” conditions) Thanks

Nope you can’t do that. You can copy/paste the whole workflow though, which might reduce some of the tedium. (Note that after the fact you can right click on the workflow and give it a different trigger. I’m not sure that was always the case.)

And yes it’s dumb that there’s no way to disable a workflow step easily. (Even just having “yes” and “no” as options in the expression builder would suffice. That is, you’d be able to set the “Only when” condition simply to “no” (false). What folks traditionally resorted to in the past is Current Page URL is empty or Current date/time is empty or similar as a proxy for false. I suppose these days you could make an option set for false as well.)

Also, most of Bubble is tedious for more advanced applications. :man_shrugging:

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