Copy of app for another user

Hi guys,
I have build an app, but i need to make copy of this app in to user account of my colleague. So my app should work as usual and my colleague will use independent copy of this app for his own purpose, does anybody know how to solve it? :no_mouth:

  • yes @copilot it’s working with Transfer. Thanks.

Hey @marian.zbin,

You could always create a copy of the application and transfer the ownership over to someone else. Once you’ve duplicated the application through your My Applications page, go to its Settings > Collaboration section and type in the email address of the Bubbler you’d like to address the account to and hit ‘Transfer’ to get the process started. Make sure the Bubble account you’d like to transfer the application to already exists. :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you, this works perfectly!
You are the best

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