Copy to Clipboard ( Native || Web app )

Dear Bubble Community,

I am thrilled to introduce my inaugural creation Quick copy the innovative plugin that bridges the gap between web and native apps Quick copy a solution that emerged from my relentless pursuit of excellence and my unwavering commitment to overcoming challenges.

After personally encountering the frustration of finding plugins that seamlessly function in web applications but falter in native apps, I embarked on a journey to create a dynamic solution. With unyielding dedication, meticulous coding, and rigorous testing, I am now proud to unveil a plugin that ensures optimal performance across both web and native applications.

The significance of this achievement lies not only in its technological prowess but in its potential to transform the user experience. As we continue to shape the future of applications, the ability to seamlessly integrate functionalities becomes paramount.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to the exciting journey ahead.

Hope this help anyone !

Plugin link :Quick Copy Plugin Plugin | Bubble


AMAZING!!! Finally a plugin that makes it possible to copy text on BDK wraps!
Congratulations man! Thank you!

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Thanks @ri_scc_94

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I can confirm that it works on an bubble android bdk app. Thank you.