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Copy workflows in elements tree

I am using the new responsive engine, not that I think this make a difference to the question, however, i thought i would make that note.

Is there a way to copy a branch in the element tree through the element tree along with workflows.

it appears that you can only do this from the main page body, however, this is really hard to get the ‘paste’ function to where you need it.

It would be so much better I you could move things around in the element tree without having to recreate your workflow each time.

easier way I am missing?

Not sure if this answers your question… but you can select an element in the element tree, then click the Edit menu at the top of the editor and select ‘Copy With Workflows’

Then you can do the same thing to paste it into another element - select the element in the elements tree, then click the edit menu at the top of the editor and select paste With Workflows to paste the element and it’s workflows into the selected group.

thanks adam, looks like it was staring me in the face… :grinning:

although it would also be handy directly from here to copy it with workflows…
incase anyone needs a visual.

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